Animal Communicator Tells How Animals Clear Human Trauma (PC031)

How animals facilitate healing from trauma: Interview with Animal Whisperer Glen Phillips

Welcome to Trauma Tuesday.  I have with me here today Glen Phillips. He is a talented animal whisperer. Several years ago, my dog was attacked by another dog. Despite no apparent wounds or soreness, my dog refused to put weight on her hind leg for a week. Finally, I called Glen and he was able to energetically move a nerve that was pinched. As soon as he did, my dog stood up on her hind legs and put her front paws on my lap. It truly was amazing.

More recently, I employed Glen to help me select a horse and a mule to rescue from slaughter. During our conversation it became clear that these equines would be able to facilitate healing in me. I’ve invited Glen to talk to us today about how animals can facilitate healing from trauma.

Hi Glen, thank you for joining us today.

  • Can you give us a little background about how you came to be an animal communicator and healer?
  • I think of the animals we have around us as companions, but do they have the capacity to facilitate healing?
  • How do they facilitate healing?
  • Are some animals or some animal species better than healing than others?
  • What else do you know about the relationships animals have their humans that many of us might not notice?
  • What are animals aware of that us humans aren’t?
  • Can humans help animals heal from trauma as well?

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