Have You Bought Into Scarcity? (PC041)

We have a special show today of a Change Anything Now facilitation session with a woman that likes what she does but isn’t making enough to make ends meet.  This is a common issue in Northern California and actually one of the reasons I’ve focused on helping people get unstuck around money.  For this woman, each month she has barely enough to cover the basics and nothing is left for high quality food or an occasional evening out.  She has made a lot of amazing changes in her life and now is ready to tackle this decade long issue of not having enough.

** Recording of Change Anything Now session **

Some of the beliefs we deleted include:

  • Money is evil
  • I have a vow of poverty
  • Rich people are bad

She was able to shift from a dislike of commercialism and consumerism to a more balanced view.  In the end she resonated with the following beliefs:

  • I am aware
  • I am creative
  • I am power
  • I am money

She even laughed when I suggested her current employer might offer her a $3 an hour raise.  “That is not enough.”  What a good attitude!!!

Many times it is our judgments about rich people and money that block us from having an abundant flow of money in our lives.

In this session, my guest questioned whether real and lasting change had been made.  We tested that she was indeed able to change instantly and that she knew how to hold a healing.  People that are used to slow methods of change that deal with the conscious mind often have ideas that they need to do additional things to make the change “stick”.  This is another way to create a block.  Once you have changed something, even if you do not see the results in your life yet, if you go back and try to change it again it can get you stuck.  The key here is to acknowledge that you have changed and stay in the question of “what else would I like to create?”

If you are feeling stuck, or do not have the peace and joy you desire in your life I can offer you a change any thing now session.  Visit my website at changeanythingnow.com to find out more.  Sessions for this podcast I do for free.  How does it get better than that?

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