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Welcome to Body and Weight Wednesday.  We have a special program today.  A recording of a change facilitation session with a woman that puts other people’s needs before hers and seems to attract people in her life that will likewise treat her poorly.  As typical, we find some links to her pattern from her childhood.  She moves rapidly through the issues, which is unique.  Some people can immediately recognize patterns that come up in a session, see the threads that weave through all aspects of their lives and then release them all instantaneously.  We witness that in this session.

**** Recording *****

As you can hear, we moved rapidly through very deep issues.  And while I cut the recording at this point, we continued to chip away at other issues in her life for another half hour.  I have to admit we may have overdone it.  She called the next day, having spent the night in dry heaves.  She originally thought it might have been food poisoning, but both her and her daughter ate the same things.

It is possible to have a healing crises like this when there are major shifts.  I have experienced one myself after a workshop I took.  For myself, I couldn’t put my finger on what triggered it, the content of the workshop didn’t seem that heavy, but when the subconscious changes, sometimes the conscious mind isn’t aware.

In the case of our session.  Not only did we change a lot of things fast, she had also had a deep healing session earlier in the day and a few weeks earlier had participated in shamanic journeying.  The combination of things and the fact we ended the session after bumping into another hot issue could have triggered the reaction.  Hard to know for sure, but I did want to mention that it is possible to overdo it.  Certainly after every session where you are changing subconscious beliefs you want to rest, drink lots of water, and allow the body time to integrate.

The ability to love and take care of ourselves can prevent a great deal of health issues.  IF you are feeling an inability to love and care for yourself, you may have subconscious blocks in place.  The first step to changing that is to choose to change it.  You are alive right now, so might as well choose to love yourself completely.  Once you’ve made the choice to love yourself, become aware of if it is easy or if you sense something preventing it.

For this woman it was blocked by the belief that love was scarce.  She felt it had to be rationed out like gold.  So after her parents got a nugget and her children got a nugget, and her partner got a nugget, there was none left for her.  Changing the belief that love is scare, allowed her to begin to open up to being worthy of love.  Then we started looking at the other ways that she was not nurturing herself and uncovered this love of adrenaline and the excitement of chaos that prevented her from taking care of herself.  A few tweeks there and she was able to imagine a life that was peaceful and productive.

If you are feeling stuck and would like to have a session with me visit my website at to find out more.  If you agree to have the session aired on this podcast you can have your session for free.  How does it get better than that?


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