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Welcome to the launch of my first podcast.  I am looking forward to helping you create real and lasting change in your life.  Today I am going to give you the format for the show, tell you a little bit of my story, and then talk about the seven attributes you’ll want to develop to create lasting change.

First the show’s format.  The first two weeks of the podcast I’ll be releasing a program everyday Monday through Friday with the following five themes.  These are the areas that most people are interested in changing.  The information I offer is unique and based on my own personal experience.  Once I get going, I hope to entertain special guests as well.

Monday is Money. This will be about removing the blocks to money in your life.  We will cover what money is, how to get more flowing in, what limits your ability to receive and how to create the abundance you desire.  I’ll let you know a little about how I retired at thirty by adopting new beliefs around money.  I never, thought that would work.  But it did.  Perhaps I can help you create more ease around your money.

Tuesday is Trauma.  Before you skip on by this, did you know that more than half of the US population experienced some type of adversity in childhood.  And that the more adverse experiences you had as a child, the greater your risk as an adult of getting heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses?   On Tuesday we will look at ways to uncover traumas that may be limiting you or keeping you sick.  I spent decades of my adult life depressed and anxious.  In my late forties, I discovered repressed trauma from my childhood.  Once I resolved the trauma (and I’ll tell you how I did it) my depression and anxiety disappeared.

Wednesday is Body and Weight.  If your unable to adopt healthy eating patterns or exercise routines this is the one for you.  I will give you my simple hacks for lasting change and we will explore the subconscious blocks that may be contributing to your inability to make healthy changes.  My drug of choice for many years was food.  Well, and it still is.  So, on Wednesdays’ we will talk some about overeating and food addiction – the causes and the cures.  We will also talk about the aging myth.

Thursday is open topic.  If you have a question or would like to a free change facilitation session to be broadcast on the show contact me at [email protected]  I help people get unstuck by identifying and removing instantly, the irrational subconscious programs that drive dysfunctional behavior and keep unhappy situations alive.  You can also ask me questions about herbs and supplements.  In my earlier years, I was trained as a clinical herbalist and know a few things you won’t find on the internet.

Friday is for Friends and Family.  Yes, we will end the week looking at our relationships.  Would you like to change your relationship to your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Spouse, significant other, coworkers or boss?  Did you know that the patterns you keep repeating in your relationships are due to subconscious programs that you can access and change.  Stop trying to change the outside world.  Change yourself and the outside world will take care of itself.

I invite you to dedicate yourself to making positive change.  I continue to look for ways in my own life to create more ease, peace and joy and would like to create a community of like-minded people that are open to creative change.  I come from a hard past and I would like to share some of the tools and tricks that really helped me create a completely different reality.

(4:55 minutes)  First let me tell  you a little of my back story. 

My life today is amazing, but it wasn’t always like that.  The majority of my adult life I struggled with depression and anxiety.  Some days I was fine, but often, I would wake up with a dark cloud surrounding me.  That feeling upon awakening would just devastate me.  I would wonder, “What is this?  I was fine yesterday.  What happened?”

Even though nothing had changed in the outside world from the day before, all I saw was faults of my life and the world.   I wanted to escape.  I kept my world small and avoided commitments, because I never knew when I would wake up with no energy, no desire to live, and worried that something bad was about to happen.

I actually never even imagined that I could be free of depression and anxiety.  I had the idea that I needed to accept “life on life’s terms”, as purported by the Twelve Steps Programs I had adopted to help cope with my moods, addictions and related issues.  I was looking for ways to feel better, but I didn’t even dream my life could be like it is today.

I remember when all this changed.  I was sitting on the couch – unemployed and depressed.  I couldn’t motivate to do anything.  I sat there listening to a recording of a Buddhist Teacher.  He was explaining how the mind creates our reality.  He said, “You don’t have to accept a crappy life.  Everything can be changed and there is a proven, 2500-year-old system to do it.”

I’d never heard such an idea before.  I felt hopeful.  I grabbed hold of that idea and began intensive study of the Buddhist path to ending suffering.  Within a year I was making plans to move to a retreat center in the Arizona high desert to dedicate myself to meditative practice.

It was on the eve of my departure that I discovered something deep down in my subconscious that turned out to be at the root of my depression and anxiety.  In a therapeutic session, while attempting to determine why the right side of my body was always tense, I remembered a man’s foot stepping on my shoulder to hold me down.  The scene unfolded in front of me.  It was my first memory of being molested by a group of relatives and strangers.

Over the period of several years, while I enjoyed the low cost of living in Arizona and practiced meditation, I slowly and uncomfortably began uncovering repressed memories of severe abuse and molestation from my childhood.  I learned and practiced rapid methods for resolving trauma and removing subconscious blocks.

Things slowly got better and better.  For the first time in my life, I began to enjoy a life free of depression.    Then one day I realized that my depression really was totally gone.

And I reflected, “If something in my subconscious could be totally ruling my life without me even being aware of it, what else might be in my subconscious limiting me?”  Indeed, in the process of resolving my trauma many times I bumped into beliefs that limited me in many different ways.

I also I realized that everyone has things their subconscious that they are unaware of that keeps them stuck and unable to realize the life they would really like to have.  And probably like me, they have just come to accept life as it is.  Like my mother, she always attracts the same types of men, and instead of looking within to change what causes that, she has simply resigned herself to staying single.

My life today is amazing.  I am totally satisfied with my money flows and husband.  My body and health are excellent, but I am still hoping to achieve more in those areas. While I am free of depression, and my anxiety is probably at a normal level I would like even more freedom for my mind.  It feels really good to be peaceful.

This podcast is my way to share what I have learned.  Based on my personal experience, I feel compelled reach out and let people know that all change is possible and that it is possible to find and delete the subconscious blocks that are limiting them.

(10:38 minutes)  Evaluating your Change Capacity

I am in the process of writing a book called Would You Like to Change That?  Delete subconscious blocks instantly.  And one of the chapters is on change capacity.  I have worked with a lot of people over the years and witnessed a lot of changes.  What I’ve noticed is that some people change easier than others.  Actually, I started out a pretty slow changer myself, but over the years I’ve increased my capacity to change.

I’d like to share with you the six attributes for easy change and the keystone for it all.

  1. Imagination –Open –Flexible –Curious –Mutable –Unattached –Playful
  2. Willing to take risks –Low Anxiety –Emotional stability
  3. Clear direction –Vision –Committed
  4. Experience using or exposure to self-improvement tools or personal/organizational positive growth and development methodology
  5. Action orientation –Inner locus of control
  6. Awareness – both introspective and extrospective

And the opposites

  1. Certain – Conclusions – Closed minded – Fixed – Unimaginative—Judgmental – Resistant
  2. Fearful – Anxious – Low risk tolerance –DramaticDoubt – Disillusionment – Confused – Unmotivated – Uninspired – Aimless
  3. No tools
  4. Passive
  5. Unaware

Now even if you have a small capacity for change, there is one thing that trumps all the attributes I’ve listed.  That is choice.  All you really need to do is to choose to have what you say you want.

Like I said, I was a slow changer at first.  Or maybe I was fast, but I was loaded down with so much baggage.  I didn’t think I could get out of depression or anxiety.  In fact, I was so disconnected, I just thought what I was experiencing was normal.  The one thing I did was choose peace.  It was my one criteria for living. When given a choice I would ask myself which option would bring me more peace.  That choice has brought me to where I am today.

So, let say your past personal experiences tell you that you are never going to have enough money, a healthy body or mind, a nice relationship.  The first thing you need to do is choose to overcome your past.  It seems pretty basic, but you have to make the choice to become something beyond your past.  I made the choice to live to my full potential.  Perhaps if I’d made a choice to be free of depression it would not have taken me so long, but I didn’t even imaging that. I didn’t really think I was that depressed, until it was completely gone.   In any case, any choice to have a different future than your past will set the stage.  You don’t have to know how to do it and you don’t have to know if it even really possible.  You simply choose it.  The choice will start creating the what you need next to fulfill that choice.  Choice creates possibility.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got.



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