Morning Depression – How to get out of the Trap (PC008)

Welcome to Trauma Tuesday.  We have a special program today.  A change facilitation session with a woman experiencing depression and fatigue.  I frequently find that people that have lost all motivation and joy in life are stuck in some subconscious program that was locked in place by some trauma.  Lets listen to what is going on in this woman’s life.

**** Recording of Session ****

People often lose commitment to life when they don’t like something about life.  This can happen as a child if they are abused or this can happen during adulthood when they first encounter something they really don’t like about this reality – often times something like injustice or wrong-doing.  Here, this woman is asking good questions.  First thing with being depressed is to consider if the problem is physical or emotional.  She ruled out overt disease by consulting a physician.  Later in the session, I recommended an Iodine supplement, Atomidine, which she intuitively got a yes to try.  However, it does seem pretty clear that she is doing things she does not want to do.  And forcing herself to continue to do them is causing her to be exhausted.

She was feeling like she couldn’t just drop her music career because she felt obligated.  I asked her who she felt obligated to.

**** Recording of Session ****

A lot of the hour session felt like we were looping.  On one hand she was frustrated with her career, her unability to land the jobs she wanted, and the college program she was enrolled in.  On the other hand she couldn’t imagine giving up the music and was unable to let it go.  We discussed strategies for doing less and she said that when she tried that and ended up with people mad at her.  This is a classic sign for a subconscious block.  Doing things in the external world and not getting results that reinforce the problem instead of relieve the problem.

**** Recording of Session ****

In this next segment we were finally getting closer to the issue.  It seemed like some of her resistance to life was tied to the authorities she encountered in life.  She was longing to go outside, play in nature and have open free time, but obligation and authority limited her.  The music that she loved actually became a chore she resisted.

**** Recording of Session ****

In the final segment we get the program that is at the root of all this.  It is unclear where it came from, but she feels trapped and unable to use her power.  She is perpetuating that program in her everyday life by somehow (and this is the mystery) creating the same situation where an authority blocks her from freedom and happiness.  The only way they can do that is because she on a subconscious level already feels trapped and she already feels powerless.

That was the natural ending point for the session

She reported the next morning:

I feel really really great today, after totally conking out after our work together yesterday. I woke up this morning, motivated to go on a beautiful run on trails along a little creek, and have been doing homework I’ve put off for awhile. Don’t feel like I pushing myself right now, it’s all within the flow.

I still see myself looping into self-doubt and no-possibilities thinking, but what is new is that I can see myself in those thoughts and remind myself of other ways to think and use my mind. How interesting!

Now the key point with this session is that even if you are really stuck and looping around, and especially if you are really stuck and looping around, it is possible to find and delete the subconscious and often irrational block that is holding your problem in place.  Anything is possible.



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