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Welcome to Money Monday.  Today we have a continuation with my guest from Friday.  On Friday we focused on improving this gentleman’s online dating experience.  We got rid of his “I am not good enough” belief which should create a lot more opportunity for finding a good partner.

Then we continued the session focused on his business.  I met Rich a few years ago.  He was a student in an Asian Classics Institute course I was teaching.  Although he never had a session with me until the one on Friday, we’ve stayed in contact and I’ve watched him develop his business, or perhaps I should say I have painfully watched him procrastinate his business and have been dying to help him remove whatever was blocking its success.

Now, Rich chose a great business idea, solicited the help of good mentors, got training in how to promote a business on the internet, developed a logo and a website.  Everything was perfect, except he wasn’t going after clients and closing sales.  His business was aimed at bringing mindfulness into corporate settings.  A great idea.  He had personally benefitted from the cultivation of mindfulness and was getting good feedback from the people that participated in the groups he led.  I assumed he had some block around selling himself, but as soon as we started talking about removing blocks to success in this session he admits that he has switched business ideas.  Further, he reveals that he dislikes corporate America.

Well, of course the original business model wasn’t going to work.  He probably had been guided to choose corporations as a target market because they have money and helping employees cultivate mindfulness would benefit their bottom line.  He was great putting together the nuts and bolts of the business, but stalled when it came to contacting corporations to sell them a program because he didn’t really want to work in that environment.

Something like that ever happen to you?  Sometimes what we might label procrastination can be a sign of a subconscious block and other times it is an unconscious knowing that we aren’t going in the right direction.   I have been in similar situations myself.  For instance, at one point I was pursuing a master’s degree in Pharmacognosy at Sonoma State University.  In the middle of putting together my research proposal I stalled out.  I couldn’t seem to get it done.  I waited a few days, but I was still stuck.  So, I decided to take a trip to UC Davis just to check it out.  I was being in the question, “what else is possible?”  As it turned out, by the end of my day trip, I had completely switched directions.  Everything came together that day as if by magic:  I found a major professor to work with and the department was willing to accept my late application.  I ended up attending UC Davis and getting a Ph.D. instead of a Master’s degree.

Sometimes when we think we are stuck it is not a sign that we are lazy or a procrastinator, it could be a sign that we are on the wrong track or that something better or more appropriate is available for us.  So if you find your business or career is not thriving like you want it too, ask, “Is there something better available to me?” If you bomb that interview and are down on yourself, ask, “What is this creating that is beyond what I’ve imagined?  What if this was a good thing?”  When you are feeling stuck and heavy ask yourself questions that expand you and your thinking.  Try some of these:

  • What is beyond this?
  • What is the gift in this?
  • Is this the time for this?
  • What can I choose today that will create the most for me and my business or career?
  • What is right about this?
  • Is there something I am choosing that is blocking this other thing I want from happening?

That last one is a good one.  Is there something I am choosing that is blocking this other thing from happening?  There was a period in my life that I really wanted to have a nice corporate job.  I had been laid off from a job I loved and despite my gut feeling that it wasn’t time to work, I kept looking for a job.  Afterall, I was a single mom with a house payment.  Yet, I could not seem to get one.  This was right before I moved to the desert and spent a few years clearing out my subconscious of repressed memories of childhood abuse.  If you have been following me, you know that the one thing I am interested in is achieving extreme peace.  This demand for peace created an inability for me to find work, because the next step in my journey to ultimate peace was to increase my meditative practice and clear out my subconscious.  I thought I was choosing to work, but my choice for peace overrode that.  Is there something you are choosing (or have chosen) that blocks you from the thing you want to choose now?

Back to my session with Rich.  His new direction seemed to make sense, although I must say in listening to the recording, it might have been good to get rid of the negative beliefs about corporations.  You see, if you judge or dislike something it limits your money flows.  And the beliefs you hold about anything including corporations limit your ability to experience those things differently.  In any case we skipped over that and looked at some of his beliefs that limit his ability to be fabulously successful in his new career.  Listen to the procession of questions I ask and apply them to your situation.  Imagine yourself in your dream situation and watch to see what types of automatic thoughts, objections or emotions arise.  I think you may find some subconscious blocks may be limiting you as well.

*** Session Recording ***

Wasn’t that fabulous.  Notice how at the end we checked things like “I am an author.”  And even though he has never written anything and his book is just a concept he tested that as true.  That is how it needs to be.  That belief will create the book.  Our subconscious beliefs create our world.  I’ve heard it said that “seeing is believing” when the truth is that “only if we believe it can we see it”.  What would you like to create today?

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