I Can’t Sell Myself (PC026)

Welcome to Money Monday.  I have a special program today of a Change Anything Now Session.  Many people tell me that they feel uncomfortable “selling” themselves or that they don’t like to “sell”.  Often, when we dislike something or feel discomfort we are focused on something that is not true.  Our conscious mind may recognize that the action is ethical and okay, but our subconscious has a misunderstanding about what it is or some judgment about it that was inherited or picked up from the outside world.  This is often the case when people are uncomfortable selling.  There is some block in the subconscious that tells the person that selling is wrong and that creates the discomfort.

I was talking with a friend that is a very talented consultant and she mentioned how she doesn’t like to sell or promote herself.  She told me that men seem to have an easier time with it and she notices that her male peers make a lot more money than her female peers, even when the women are better.  This led to a spontaneous Change Anything Now Session.  We start with checking her ability to energy test for subconscious beliefs.


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