Jerzy Gregorek – The Founder of the Happy Body (PC025)

Welcome to Body & Weight Wednesday.  I am thrilled to be able to interview Jerzy Gregorek the co-creator of the Happy Body Program.

Jerzy Gregorek emigrated from Poland to the United States as a political refugee with his wife, Aniela in 1986.  He subsequently won four World Weightlifting Championships and established one world record. His wife, Aneila and co-creator of the Happy Body Program has won five world weightlifting championships and set six world records.  Together they have mentored people for more than 30 years.  In 2000, Jerzy and Aniela founded UCLA’s weightlifting team.

Jerzy also has a  master’s in fine arts in writing.  His poems and translations have appeared in numerous publications, including The American Poetry Review. His poem “Family Tree” was the winner of Amelia magazine’s Charles William Duke Long Poem Award in 1998. Just last year, in 2017 Jerzy flew back to Warsaw to receive the Medal of Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko, another pollical activist.  This was in honor of Jerzy’s commitment to truth, love and forgiveness.

Welcome Jerzy to Positive Change with Dorena

***Interview Recording***

Some of my questions:

What was your motivation for creating the Happy Body?

How can trainers be a problem?

Who is this program good for?

I am thinking about my mom.  She is 77, low bone density and borderline obese, is there anyone who’s not a fit for The Happy Body?

Can you explain what is The Happy Body Plan?

How do you inspire and motivate yourself to make it happen?

I’ve heard you say “The more you run, the weaker and less flexible you become.”   How could this be true?  My daughter runs 20 minutes four times a week.  Do you consider this a problem.

I imagine people starting your program might have old injuries like me.  I injured my knees when I was 15 while bike riding.  They have held a basic weakness my whole life and I tend to favor them.  So, I was very scared that the pinnacle of fitness in your program involved an overhead squat press.  Do you think it is possible for me or others with similar limitations to complete the program or can we only expect to progress so far?

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