Sexual Harassment: Is Your Subconscious Secretly Setting You Up? (PC014)

Welcome to Body and Weight Wednesday.  One of the ultimate violations of our body is sexual abuse and harassment.  Yesterday I was interviewed on this important topic by Francesca Luca,  the host of Boston based radio show Talk with Francesca.  We discussed how changing how you dress, act or talk will not stop sexual harassment, if your subconscious is secretly setting you up.  I don’t have that recording yet, but I’d like to share with you a similar discussion I had on the Ed Tyll Radio show three weeks ago.  As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence and work place sexual harassment this felt a little risky for me.  Actually, my background made me feel a little more secure in airing such provocative ideas.  The risk was doing these interview after testing the water on facebook and having friends and peers react negatively to my ideas.  I think you will enjoy the show – which ends with an interesting twist and revelation by Ed Tyll.

** Recorded Show**

Some of the questions addressed:

  • Are women to blame for sexual harassment?
  • What is the role women play in sexual harassment?
  • What types of women are vulnerable?
  • Why are these types of women more at risk?
  • How do you help women become predator proof?

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