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Welcome to off topic Thursday.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve had several people on the show that had Change Anything Now facilitation sessions. They ended the session amazed by the shifts and changes during their sessions.  But, I was wondering if things really did change for them in their lives?  On today’s show I’ve asked a couple of those guests to come back in and give us a report on what happened after the session.

Our first guest was on the show on November 10th.  That was episode 6 – Healing the Mother Daughter Relationship.  Her was a short snippet from that session to refresh your memory.


The session continued and we found the root of her daughter issues lead back (in part) to an unhealthy relationship with her mother.  Once we rectified some of the subconscious programs that she picked up as a child, she experienced a dramatic change in body pain, tension and anxiety.    Let’s hear the update.


Wow!  Wasn’t that amazing.  She had the courage to get out of that dysfunctional relationship.  She still is experiencing fear of her daughter, but that is normal when you are dealing with someone unpredictable and crazy.   Despite her fear she has been able to set and keep a strong boundary.  Deleting subconscious programs can give you the edge to do things you could not previously do.

Our next guest was on the show on November 27th.  That was episode 16 – Would you like to be a millionaire?  When we talked last, this guest was set on embark on an internet marketing program that she hoped would pay off, but that also meant a significant investment for her in both time and money.  We worked to remove some of the reservations she had and I introduced her to a valuable tool for making decisions that serve you.


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