Easy Way to Clear Trauma – Interview with Janet Caliri(PC036)

I have a special guest today.  Janet Caliri is a creative, energetic speaker and coach who brings her innovative and playful process to both private clients and audiences across the nation.  She is all about igniting human potential. She combines her passions and experience in cardiovascular radiology, professional photography, life coaching, writing and art in the program she founded called Visible Transitions.  In Visible Transitions, people learn how to abide in curiosity rather than reactivity which facilitates trauma release. People learn tools to take them from stress to ease, fear to personal power, and anxiety to productivity.

*** Recorded Interview***

Includes what Visible Transitions is and some of the tools Janet uses to create easy change.  Listen to find out more.  I plan on using her photographic methodology during my retreat to create more ease and joy and reduce resistance to what is and attachment to what isn’t.




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