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Welcome to Trauma Tuesday.  I am excited to have here with me El Chess, a survivor of extreme childhood abuse, torture and trauma.  After decades in Twelve Step Recovery, she founded Adults Abused as Children Anonymous in 2016.  More importantly, I met El in 1990 and she was my spiritual mentor for many years.  Words cannot express her importance in my life.  When I was a clueless emotional mess, she taught me how to seek the answers within me and gave me foundational tools that I still use today.  She has also helped countless others as a life coach, self-love educator, executive director of the Attitudinal Healing Center, seminar leader and keynote speaker.

El, I understand the first two decades of your life were pretty nasty.  What was it like?

How has that impacted you even today as an adult?

What are some of the characteristics of adults abused as children?

What is your life like today?

What tips can you give others for overcoming a traumatic past?

Is there anything else that helps you create the life you want?

If people want to contact you to have you speak at their event what is the best way?

Chessbk at

And how do people get a copy of your book?

Adults Abused as Children, Steps 1, 2 and 3

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