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Welcome to Money Monday.  Do you want to be a millionaire?  What would that take?  Desiring a million dollars is a common whimsical wish people have.  Really, very few people want a million dollars to just put away in the bank and sit on.  What they want when they say they want a million dollars is something else.  Maybe they want more time, freedom, an exotic vacation or security.  Better to ask directly for what you want rather than a promissory note in the form of money.  And once you realize what you really want you may find you can have that easier and more directly or that the thing you want can’t really be bought.  For instance, a million dollars really doesn’t give you security – yet many people dream it does.

So, you want to be a millionaire.  While many people whimsically wish for a million dollars, few people really choose it.  Today I work with a woman who has chosen to be a millionaire.  While we couldn’t get the energy testing working smoothly, she did test, “Yes” to I am a millionaire.  That is the energy and belief required to have a millionaire mindset.  Choosing to create the life of your dreams is all it takes to getting the universe lined up to help you.

In this session I introduce one of the most important tools I’ve used for the last two decades.  In fact, it is the tool that has allowed me to be financially secure and independent.

**recording of session**

The session continued with us clearing the causes for negative push-back and pressure she feels from relatives when making a career choice or business decision that is outside of the box.  This is a common way people can be blocked moving forward in their dreams.  Maybe I’ll air that next Monday.

The important tool I presented in this session was what I used to call “getting a yes”.  When I first committed to not working for money and only doing work I loved I relied on getting a yes to determine what to do.  What was getting a yes? I would ponder the situation or imagine myself taking the first step and then I would observe my body and emotional reaction.  If I felt clear, open, light, expansive, happy and without tension then that would be a yes.  If I felt constricted, resistance, closed, heavy, sad, tense, or funky that would be a no.  The key is to not think about the situation.  To get a clear answer or sense, you have to be out of your conscious, rational, thinking part.  You want to feel the energy of the situation.  You want to determine how the energy of the situation matches your dreams and desires.

When I first started using this method it was hard for me to get to a state where my mind would relax enough to get a clear message.  So, what I did was set my intention before I went to bed and when I woke up I would consider the situation or question before my head was turned on and my emotions in turmoil.  It turns out that the mind is in the theta brain wave state in that twilight before being totally awake.  The theta brain wave state is the state that give greater access to the subconscious.

Other people can do this by asking the question and then quickly noticing what their first reaction is.  Another way to use this tool is to flip a coin.  If you are trying to decide between option 1 or option 2 then flip a coin.  Just pretend you will do whatever the coin toss determines, and watch your reaction.  If you get option 2 and you feel a momentary sadness or disappointment then you know that you really want option 1.

In this session, I asked the woman to consider doing something she loved and feeling the energy.  She picked working outside in the garden.  Then I asked her to contrast that feeling with what she felt when she thought about her new business idea.  The business came in a little heavy.  The challenge will be for her to let go of the business idea if it continues to be heavy.  I got the sense through the session that she was not willing to let the idea go, but sometimes the shifting will occur later.  Really the challenge is going with the light expansive feeling, especially when society or family tells you it is an irresponsible choice.  That is your choice.  Do you want to take a risk and trust that you were meant to be happy?  Or do you want to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do.

One last thing on this.  Sometimes what comes up a “yes” you really don’t want to do.  This happened to me just before I went back to school and got my Ph.D.  At that time, I had the opportunity to enter graduate studies or I was offered my dream job as staff faculty at a local herb school.  I wanted the herb job, but I couldn’t get it to go “yes” energetically.  In contrast, graduate studies was a clear “yes”.  I was bummed, but I followed the “yes”.

The key to having more and being happier is to learn to follow the energy.  It really is simple and you can cultivate the skill.  I encourage you to feel the energy of being a millionaire and choose whatever feels like that energy.

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  1. Thanks Doreana: I really enjoyed this session. I see how you are skilled at helping people use their inner truth to help them make choices. I look forward to listening more. Thanks again.

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