The Easiest Way To Create More In Your Life (PC019)

Welcome to Off Topic Thursday.  Today we are going to talk about the easiest way to create more in your life.  But first, I want to thank you for listening to Positive Change with Dorena.  We are already at episode 19.  If you have been enjoying listening, please help others find the podcast, by rating it and writing a review. Thanks a million!

In my first podcast episode I talked about the six characteristics that determine how easily you change.  And then I mentioned that there is one thing that trumps all of those.  Even if you lack imagination or flexibility or any of the other six, there is one thing that can create more for you, if you desire it.  That is choice.

What is choice and how could I possibly suggest that something as simple as choice could create more money, better relationships and better health?  Certainly, if given an option of, let’s say, having five thousand dollars or not having it, we would all choose the money.  Yet, a woman at my Easy Steps to Create More Money Flow workshop last week told the story on how she almost turned down an offer of $5000.   Imagine that.  She was doing a presentation on climate change when someone in the audience offered her $5000 for her efforts.  Perhaps she didn’t believe it was for real, but she says she quickly came to her senses and accepted the money.

Many times when we are given opportunities or offers we say no.

Why is that?

Well sometimes we are skeptical or don’t believe the offer is real.  Other times we don’t think we need what is offered or perhaps it involves an investment in time or energy that we don’t want to make – especially if we don’t see the value in the offer.   Sometimes we ask ourselves the wrong questions.

I’ve made that mistake.

Once I was at a training out of state and I had an opportunity to stay two more days and get certified in another class.  I asked myself if I wanted to do it.  I didn’t get a yes on that.  I realized later, when I decided that I did want the class, but they had doubled the price and it would require me to travel again, that I did not ask the right question.  A better question would have been, “Is taking this class for my highest good?”  Or “What will taking this class create for me.”  My personality didn’t really want to stay the extra days, but if I would have stayed and been certified it would have led to a least a couple more thousand dollars in income – which was a lot of money for me at the time.

Sometimes when we refuse an offer it is a good choice to refuse and other times we miss an opportunity.  However, When I talk about choice being a game changer,  I am not talking about this kind of choosing.  I am not talking about making the choice between two offers.  The choice that creates more in your life is a subtle energetic thing.  In fact, everything you have in your life comes from a choice.  And since only 10% of your mind is conscious, usually you are making these choices automatically and subconsciously.

Choice is on my mind a lot, but I have been pondering it more lately.  As I mentioned last week in Body and Weight Wednesday, I have been looking at my body and health and noticing that it doesn’t match what I say I want it to be.  I am all about the easier softer way, but my easier softer method doesn’t seem to be getting me the body I desire.  How can I be really choosing health if the food I am choosing has created at least 20 pounds extra fat on my body?  This is one of those situations, where I say I am choosing health, but it is clear I am choosing something else.  What am I really choosing?  In my case, it is ease and short-term comfort.

Other people may choose to overeat for other reasons.  Perhaps the are unhappy with life, and overeating will create the disease that will shorten their lives.  No one consciously thinks this, at least I don’t think so, but this is one of the ways a subconscious choice can create the life (or death) we would really want.  Overeating can often be a self-destructive urge.  And those diseases may also pay off by getting attention from people close to us or getting revenge on people close to us.  There are many possibilities for choosing disease or not choosing health.

However, in my case, I am choosing ease and short-term comfort over health that will ultimately create me more ease.  That’s right.  I am choosing ease in the moment, and not really considering how a little effort now, will create a lot of ease later.  All I need to do to talk to my mother to learn what the result of not choosing health will be:  Extra weight, broken bones from osteoporosis, double bypass surgery, outgrowing my clothes, high blood pressure medication, physical limitations and more.  Easy choice, hard life; Hard choice, easy life.

When I talk to my mother, she knows that her diet and lack of exercise are contributing to cognitive decline, yet she is unable to make changes.  She talks about “trying” to lose weight.  This of course she never succeeds in doing.  What is she really choosing?

There is nothing wrong with any choice, but I really like it when people are able to be honest with themselves about what they are really choosing.

When we examine our life, and find it doesn’t match what we say we want, we have an opportunity to determine what it would take to create what we desire.  If you find out that you are overeating because you hate this world and life then it makes sense that you won’t be able to stop overeating unless you can change that hate for the world and life.  Here the action needs to be at the root cause – hate of the world and not at the symptom of that hate which is overeating.

However, before any of this can occur, you must have made a choice to be healthy.  Only that choice would allow you to see what is really sticking you.  If you make a choice to be healthy, you can always change your mind.

And notice I am talking about the choice to become healthy, not to lose weight or stick to a specific diet.  Unlike the choice between offer one and offer two, the choice that creates more change is much broader.  Sometimes it cannot be expressed in words.  It might be the choice for a better life.  That simple choice is enough to completely transform your money, relationships and health.

My first choice was to create more peace for myself.  I made that over twenty years ago.  That choice resulted in me ending the depression and anxiety that plagued me for decades.  This is the type of choice creates possibility.

When we choose, the universe presents us with opportunities.  At the end of 2015 I was asking for more abundance and increased money flows.  I had chosen this without knowing what it would take, since I was used to living with enough, but not abundance.  Within a few months, I was presented with an opportunity.  At first look, I said, “no way.”  It was an online shopping club where I would get paid for referrals.  I couldn’t imagine it being the right thing for me.  Then I reminded myself that I was choosing more money flow and this might be a way the universe was going to deliver.  I then made a little choice, invested some time and brought in six thousand dollars.  I still shop there and my residuals bring in about $100 each month.  Thank you, universe.  It certainly paid off better than the PowerBall Lottery, which I also experimented with.

Another thing about the choice that creates is that often times we are asked to choose something that we think is impossible.  If we have never been able to make ends meet, then choosing to have more money than we can imagine seems like wishful thinking.  In my case, my recent decision to do the Happy Body program, which suggests I could have 13% body fat, normal weight, and a lot more strength, seems impossible.  I will tell you more about that choice in an upcoming Body and Weight Wednesday.  In any case, I cried when I made the choice.  I thought it was either going to be impossible or too hard, yet I knew that in order to have the level or health I wanted I would need to do Happy Body, or some type of program that was similar.  My tears reflected my reaction to the loss of ease and short-term comfort that I had been choosing.

The difference between wishful thinking and choosing something that we can’t imagine doing, being, or having is that in wishful thinking we pretend to choose it without really examining what we are choosing.  When we choose something new, it naturally means we are going to have to let go of something we were previously choosing.  In wishful thinking we don’t let go of the thing that cannot exist with the new choice.  For instance, if we choose to make a million dollars and we hate rich people, we have two conflicting things going on.  Well, unless we are okay hating ourselves.

Becoming aware of what you were choosing and consciously choosing to release that are essential to making the new choice stick.  Otherwise, you will have conflicting choices and the habitual one will probably win out.  In wishful thinking we simply give the new choice lip service and maybe try to make it happen, but we never release the things that get in the way of it happening.

My personal choice for health started many years ago.  And I have fantasized about having the strength of a circus acrobat.  Today, one day at a time I am choosing to do what it would take to create a strong happy body.  I may decide to it is not worth the effort and change my mind.  Maybe being an acrobat will require more work than I want to devote to it.  Afterall, physical strength isn’t my only aspiration.  However, optimal health is my choice and I will continue to progress towards that.

When we choose money, health, or better relationships, we must open our awareness up to what it will take to achieve that.  I know people that ask questions like, “What will it take to have a million dollars or a healthy body”, but at the same time they are denying or pretending not to know what is blocking them.  A better question is, “What am I choosing instead of a million dollars or a healthy body?”  Often times people ask for things like more clients or a promotion at work, when they really are wanting a break.  I know I did this.  When I lost my job in 2006, I was begging for a job.  Instead I got several years to meditate and clear my repressed memories.  My demand for peace was shouting louder than my demand for work.  What you are choosing might be greater and more important to you than what you think you want.  Only awareness can give you the opportunity to determine consciously if you want to stick with your choice.

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