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Welcome to Friends and Family Friday.  I have with me today Dr. Kristie Overstreet.  She is a clinical sexologist, psychotherapist and the author of two books:  Fix Yourself First: 25 tips to stop ruining your relationships and 4 Weeks to Improve Your Relationship as a Couple.  Today, we are going to pick her brain about relationships.

Welcome Kristie.

I just finished reading your book Fix Yourself First:  25 tips to stop ruining your relationships that came out this year and I was surprised at how clear and useful it was.  A very action oriented guide, which my listeners appreciate.  How did you come up with the idea for this book?

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Some of my questions:

What is the biggest mistake that women make in relationships?

Boundaries are important in friendships, family, and relationships. Most people don’t know what boundaries are or how to set them, any tips?

Trust issues can hurt friendships, family dynamics, and relationships. How can we make sure that if issues with trust come about, that we deal with them in a healthy way?

What is your favorite tip in the book?

Ask Me Anything:  Dr. Overstreet’s YouTube Channel

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