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I have with me today Dr. Kristie Overstreet.  She is a clinical sexologist, psychotherapist and the author of two books:  Fix Yourself First: 25 tips to stop ruining your relationships and 4 Weeks to Improve Your Relationship as a Couple.  I really enjoyed her book Fix Yourself First: 25 tips to stop ruining your relationships and recommend it as a clear and useful guide.  If you want to improve any of your relationships this book has solid actionable advice.  In episode 20 I pick her brain about relationships.  So be sure to listen to that.

Today, however, I want Dr. Kristie Overstreet about transgender issues.  I met Dr. Kristie last year at a conference and we had an interesting conversation about transgender identity.  She is the creator of the Transgender Healthcare Dignity Model training and certification program for healthcare providers.  She works as a speaker and consultant who trains healthcare providers how to care for transgender clients with dignity.  Just this year she did a Tedx Talk entitled: Why Are Many Doctors Scared of Transgender Patients?  I will include a link to that talk and her books in my transcript at

Welcome Kristie.

***Interview Recording***

Some highlights of topics and questions covered.

I am so excited to be talking with you about this issue.  First off I have to admit I am not sure what Transgender really means and how it is different from transsexual, transvestite, and cross dresser.  Could you explain this?

Now you are what we call a cis-female.  Meaning you were assigned female at birth and you also think of yourself as female.  So how did you get interested in transgender issues?

In your TEDx talk you talked about a trans-female.  A person assigned male at birth that identifies as being female and her experience asking her doctor for HRT.  Her doctor ignored her request and ordered an HIV test.  This seemed really bizarre given she was married.  Is this common?

How can someone like me and my listeners help people that are transgender?

Ask Me Anything:  Dr. Overstreet’s YouTube Channel

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