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Happy New Year and Welcome to Money Monday.  I have with me today Angela Heath, an author, speaker and expert on how to reinvent yourself.  She guides people, especially 45 years old and up in how to earn income using what they already know.  She is a specialist in the Gig Economy and I’ve asked her to talk to us today about the mistakes people make when they attempt to take advantage of the Gig Economy.

Welcome Angela to Positive Change with Dorena

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My Questions:

1) What is the gig economy? Is this something new? Is it here to stay?
2) What are the 5 most common mistakes people make joining the gig economy?

5 Common Mistakes People Make Joining the Gig Economy
1) Keeping the same mindset
2) Believing in failures vs testing
3) Procrastinating because they need more
4) Failure to do their research
5) Giving up too fast

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3) I noticed that you say most of the common mistakes getting started in the  gig economy have nothing to do with what people do and everything to do with what they think.  Say a little more about this?
4) If someone tries, say Uber, but they just aren’t making enough money, they could feel like a failure. But you say they are testing.
5) What research is necessary to be successful as a gig worker?
6) Giving up too fast, how do you know when it is time to give up?
7) What is your best advice for people interested in the gig economy?

Angela Heath ( is a reinvention-for-profit expert, speaker and trainer who guides people age 45+ on how to earn income using what they already know. Angela started this work eight years ago after her 12 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia and she chose to close her successful consultancy to care for him. As she watched so many mature people panic because they were laid off and others who were burned out experiencing a mid-life career crisis, she thought “I can help them discover where their talents, skills and passions intersect in the marketplace.” And she has been doing just that. Here upcoming book is entitled, Do the Hustle Without the Hassle: A Quick, Simple, Affordable Way to Make Money Online at Age 45+.  PREORDER HERE (Link at the Bottom of that Page)

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