Healing the Mother Daughter Relationship (PC006)

Welcome to Friends and Family Friday.   Today we have a special program.  I have a recording of a change facilitation session with a woman to share with you.  She was having some confusion about life direction and problems with her adult daughter, both habitual issues for her.

While this women is not a client of mine, I know a little of her back story and know that she has done a tremendous amount of conscious work to become free of codependency.

I suspected that she had subconscious blocks that were keeping her stuck.  This is common with family issues that are persistent.  In this case, we found the root of her daughter issues lead back (in part) to an unhealthy relationship with her mother.  Once we rectified some of the subconscious programs that she picked up as a child, she experienced a dramatic change in body pain, tension and anxiety.  At the end you will hear her complete flip in attitude.  Amazing!

*****session recording ******

I love it how rapidly people can change.  It really is that easy.  All you need to do is ask yourself what stands in the way of you having family relationships you desire.  Remember choice begins to open you up to greater possibilities.  Choose to have a the relationships you desire and then stay open to inspiration.



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